Short English Poems for Kids to Recite and Memorize

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Short English Poems for Kids to Recite and Memorize

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Short English Poems for Kids to Recite and Memorize


Nature is the endless sky,

the sun of golden light,

a cloud that floats serenely by,

the silver moon of night.

Nature is a sandy dune,

a tall and stately tree,

the waters of a clear lagoon,

the billows on the sea.

Nature is a gentle rain

and winds that howl and blow,

a thunderstorm, a hurricane,

a silent field of snow.

Nature is a tranquil breeze

and pebbles on ashore.

Nature’s each and all of these

and infinitely more.

To see a World in a grain of sand.

And a Heaven in a wild flower.

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand.

And Eternity in an hour

I’m Glad the Sky Is Painted Blue 

I’m glad the sky is painted blue.

And the earth is painted green.

With such a lot of nice fresh air

All sandwiched in between.

T h e U n i v e r s e 

There is the moon, there is the sun

Round which we circle every year.

And there are all the stars we see

On starry nights when skies are clear.

And all the countless stars that lie

Beyond the reach of human eye.

If every bud on every tree.

All birds and fireflies and bees

And all the flowers that bloom and die

Upon the earth were counted up.

The number of the stars would be

Greater, they say, than all of these.

L a s t R i t e s 

Dead in the cold, a song-singing thrush.

Dead at the foot of a snowberry bush—

Weave him a coffin of rush.

Dig him a grave where the soft mosses grow,

Raise him a tombstone of snow.

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